Sustainable Design.

The Story.

Nestled in the thoughtfully restored 5 rue Coppens, Augusta gallery stands as a testament to the power of sustainable design. This unique space is dedicated to showcasing the ingenuity of European designers who turn recycled or bio-based materials into innovative creations. Through an eclectic mix of solo, duo, and group exhibitions, Augusta captures the essence and dynamism of eco-conscious artistry.

At the helm of Augusta are the van Dievoet sisters, Ariane and Lara, who named the gallery in honor of their great-grandmother, Augusta Debled—an art gallerist of the 1920s. Lara van Dievoet directs communications for Augusta, applying her academic insights in media to spotlight eco-responsible artists and their work. Ariane, a designer with a penchant for material repurposing, established her own studio, AVANDI, in Brooklyn before returning to Brussels. With a decade of experience in eco-design, prototyping, and fostering local production, she also imparts her knowledge on product design at CAD and serves on the board of Micro Factory.

Together, the sisters have created more than just a gallery; Augusta is a vibrant community hub for designers and the public to converge, reflect, and engage with sustainable design practices that pave the way for a greener future.

Sench proudly supports Augusta’s vision of art, recognizing their contribution to sustainable design and innovation. Their commitment to eco-conscious creativity aligns with our ethos, making them a valued member of our community.

Why we love


Solo, duo, and group displays that accentuates the breadth of European design's inventive spirit.

Sustainable Design

Augusta gallery's curation of unique, innovative pieces from recycled and bio-based materials.

Family Legacy

The gallery's narrative is woven by two sisters and their tribute to their grandmother's artistic heritage.

Members' benefits

You will enjoy exclusive experience in the gallery. More info to come !