Meet our Ecopreneurs

Discover daring stories, help us support talented ecopreneurs, and spot unmissable brands with strong values, innovative production methods and high quality products.


Our club is dedicated to creating a better world by supporting ecopreneurs who protect the environment, respect human rights and animal rights, promote social inclusion, and share values that promote positivity and progress.

Live adventures that respect both people and planet, today and tomorrow.


Specialty coffee, sustainable and traceable to the fields.

Augusta Gallery

Sustainable design.


Norm makes sustainable sneakers, not compromises.

Plant C

Planting trees in Belgium is good for climate and biodiversity.


Recycle your organic waste indoors

Brasserie de Brunehaut

The best organic and gluten-free craft beers, without compromise.


Zero waste and 100% Belgian veggie dips.


Fighting food waste & social exclusion Feeding Hungry Minds & Bodies

Bel Albatros

Making beauty with your waste.

Les Izmoor

Because less is more.


The art of crafting unique cocktails.

Pinky Chips

Second-hand eshop for your children's clothes!


Designed for dreamers imagined to change the world.

Betterfly Box

Protecting biodiversity through creativity, technology and citizen engagement.

Label Meunier

Premium botanical care featuring exceptional cold-pressed vegetable oils.


Challenging the statu quo of the fashion industry with (real) sustainable clothes.


Committed to healthy and natural beauty,


Sustainable activewear brand made from recycled fishing net.