Our Events

Our diverse event and experience program offers opportunities to meet like-minded people, learn about conscious business and consumption practices, gain empowerment, and support  local sustainable brands and projects.

For our brand members, it’s also a chance to showcase their brand and products, share their story and inspire people.

Our Agenda

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Facing the challenge of food waste, how can we take action?

Visionary initiatives like Signore, Entropy, and Dalf show us the way, transforming waste and unsold goods into sustainable opportunities for our planet. 🌍🍽️

Responsible Investment: Long-Term Vision, Sustainable Success

Explore how a long-term vision in responsible investment can lead to sustainable success and positively influence financial, social, and environmental performance.

Make Sustainable Irresistible.

Discover how to make sustainability not just a choice, but more importantly, a lifestyle that people genuinely want to embrace.

Entrepreneurship without Destruction: Harnessing the Power of Ecolonomy

Meet Emmanuel Druon, the Visionary Bridging Ecology and Economy. In an era where environmental concerns dominate global discussions, this concept boldly emerges as a response to the imperative of harmonizing economic growth with environmental stewardship.

Our Events

Experience the transformative power of our events—where you’ll connect with like-minded individuals, expand your eco-consciousness, and be empowered to make a positive impact. 

Conscious Story

Meet inspiring ecopreneurs sharing unique stories, values, and vision, embracing sustainability.

Conscious Talk

Network, nurture your consciousness, and be inspired by experts.

Business Speed Dating

Generate synergies and business opportunities through business speed dating.

Creative Workshops

Create sustainable pieces in workshops led by skilled creators.

Business Workshops

Identify and solve business issues with relevant experts' guidance and practical insights


Empower through eco-conscious trainings. Explore sustainability with expert guidance.

Conscious Dinner

Experience exclusive dining events with custom menus and captivating stories. Limited to 10 guests.

Conscious Trip

Embark on an eco trip to explore projects and sustainable brands.

Conscious Gala

Join the Conscious Gala and help us raise funds to build a smarter, better world together.