Protecting biodiversity through creativity, technology and citizen engagement.

The Story.

Marina Cartalis founded Goodlockbox during the lockdown to facilitate connections between families and friends by offering creative boxes. Over time, she quickly launched Betterfly, a visionary startup committed to protecting urban biodiversity through an engaging BetterflyBox that combines education, observation, technology, and citizen engagement.

The BetterflyBox is an eco-box with a positive impact designed to help people transform their garden, terrace, or balcony into a welcoming haven for flora and fauna, a true biodiversity ecosystem bubble. This box includes an insect hotel, a nest box, varieties of pollinator seeds, brushes, paints, a biodiversity guide, and a mobile geolocation application. The integrated app allows measuring the bubble’s performance and identifying flora and fauna throughout the year.

Marina also offers sustainable solutions to support biodiversity in outdoor workspaces and public areas through her large customizable insect hotels, the BetterflyHotels. However, Betterfly goes beyond just boxes and hotels; it is a human mission supported by its partners GoodPlanet Belgium and Beeodiversity, offering educational programs.

In addition to biodiversity protection and the development of a circular ecosystem, Betterfly actively commits to supporting people in need. This includes involving women in correctional facilities and people with disabilities in assembling their boxes, as well as supporting the Congolese Women’s Fund by organizing bamboo valorization workshops in conflict areas.

Marina’s concept is so unique that it has been nominated for the prestigious Trends Impact Awards in the “Ecology” category.

At Sench, we wholeheartedly support Marina’s commitment to making a positive impact on the biodiversity of our cities and helping communities in need.

Why we love


BetterflyBox collaborates with businesses, institutions, and individuals to create networks of bubbles that form life paths and ensure our cities transform into biodiversity havens.


Marina's passion is to create human connections and exceptional experiences.


The BetterflyBox empowers people to take action for biodiversity.

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