Boldness and Conscience: The Audacious Formula for Sustainable Success

Conscious Talk

Immerse yourself in an inspiring dialogue with changemakers organized in collaboration with La Smala and Solvay Schools Alumni.

This evening will celebrate pioneering minds, their boldness, and commitment to a prosperous and responsible future.

We invite you to enjoy exceptional experience-sharing from decision-makers who are reshaping the landscape of their industries with courage and foresight : 

Sophie Robert-Velut, the COO of Expanscience Laboratories, has led the company into a new era marked by regenerative practices. Under her visionary guidance, Expanscience, renowned for its Mustela brand, has undergone profound changes, reimagining its production and commercial offerings. Despite the potential impact on revenue, the company has courageously eliminated products that no longer align with its ethical values, such as baby wipes.

Olivier de Cartier, co-CEO of The “Copains” are pragmatic artisan bakers and pastry chefs who are revolutionizing the industrial model to produce products that are not only delicious but also ethically sourced, making them accessible to a wide audience through large-scale distribution. This Wallonian SME has redefined the accessibility of high-quality bread while prioritizing locally sourced and sustainable raw materials, thereby empowering stakeholders in the supply chain and safeguarding the environment. They are dedicated to demonstrating on a daily basis that an alternative model is not only feasible but essential. Every decision they make represents a genuine investment in the future.

Jean-Philippe Michaux, CFO & CSO of the Puratos group, offers a compelling example of how a large multinational corporation can undergo significant transformation within a decade. Their ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025 involves the engagement of 23,000 producers, a steadfast commitment to sustainability, and the pioneering of environmentally conscious business practices. Through these efforts, Puratos not only demonstrates its dedication to environmental stewardship but also ensures the attainment of expected financial outcomes.

These three innovative minds will come together to unveil how they’ve disrupted the conventions of their sectors during our plenary session. They will take you through the challenges and opportunities presented by the disruption in their industries.

Join us for an evening rich in stimulating discussions, mutual learning, and meaningful connections. It’s more than just a conference; it’s a crossroads of ideas, a space where conversation becomes the agent of transformation, and where every participant is a change agent.

About our roundtable

After the conference, the conversation will continue with three interactive roundtable discussions:

  • Sophie Robert-Velut’s roundtable will focus on Social Innovation and Future Models. Sophie will share her vision of business that must be more cooperative, local, circular, and promote functional economics.
  • Olivier de Cartier’s roundtable aims to address how to encourage the purchase of sustainable products when sustainability isn’t the primary driver for consumers. How can a genuine baker establish credibility in traditional large-scale distribution channels?
  • Jean-Philippe Michaux’s roundtable will tackle key questions: How can a large corporation and its multitude of partner producers be propelled towards greater sustainability? How can change be effectively navigated? Is being a First-Mover advantageous, or is it a shared responsibility?

Event Details : 

18h00 – 18h30 : Welcome drink
18h30 – 19h30 : Talk
19h30 – 20h00 : Roundtable
20h00 – 21h00 : Networking + Walking Dinner


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