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Zero waste and 100% Belgian veggie dips.

The Story.

Sophie Jacquemin, driven by a passion to make a difference and combat food waste, founded “Dalf” – a unique initiative to rescue and revitalize seasonal, organic produce discarded by local farmers. Her mission is to create a positive impact on the planet and society through this endeavor. 

Collaborating with Belgian and organic partner producers, Dalf initiated the direct collection of surplus fruits and vegetables. Seasonal second-choice products are lovingly harvested, and a fair price policy ensured that farmers receive their rightful compensation for their efforts.

With creativity and a sense of community, Dalf transforms these rescued fruits and vegetables into delicious and innovative recipes, using only organic and 100% vegan ingredients – a commitment to both quality and sustainability.

Research and development is a vital part of Dalf’s growth, exploring natural preservation methods to innovate the product’s life cycle. Environmentally friendly packaging is a hallmark of their commitment to eco-consciousness, utilizing recycled and recyclable materials, repositionable labels, and even introducing a zero-waste solution.

At Sench, we are proud to support  Sophie Jacquemin’s vision to build a sustainable future for generations to come. we hope that the story of Dalf, the Anti-Waste Ambassador, will continue to inspire and awaken the world, one rescued fruit and vegetable at a time.

Why we love

One goal

Develop unique, all-in-one solutions to promote slightly ugly, slightly damaged, slightly tired, but tasty veggies that were just waiting for you to enjoy them.


In Belgium, over 250,000 tons of post-harvest fruits and vegetables are discarded annually. Dalf is taking active steps to significantly reduce this wastage.


The foundation of Dalf is built on the principles of "Good Food, Good Planet."

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