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Recycle your organic waste indoors.

The Story.

In 2017,  three dedicated young students, Adélaïde, Fiona, and Laetitia, converged with the shared intention of launching a project with a positive impact, a collective drive for entrepreneurship, and a solution to the winter composting challenge faced by the mother of one of them. And so begins the tale of Greenzy and its indoor composter! 5 years later Greenzy triumphs as the winner of the Hub Awards in the Start category. 

Greenzy’s composter represents years of research and development, enabling indoor composting. Organic waste undergoes transformation into mature, high-quality compost in approximately 2 months.

The composting process is odorless thanks to composting technique with oxygen and an activated carbon filter. It can accommodate the organic waste generated by a family of 1 to 4 people. 

Managing the composter is made simpler with the Greenz’app, offering usage tips through internal sensors, making composting both enjoyable and educational. 

Greenzy’s team has crafted its product to be environmentally conscious from concept to production, offering people a sustainable and high-quality solution crafted from recycled materials. Their approach focuses on easy repairability, locally sourced manufacturing whenever possible.

At Sench, we wholeheartedly support Greenzy’s vision to create products that empower individuals to lead eco-friendlier lives through the use of eco-designed solutions.

Why we love


Greenzy’s goal is to help preserve our planet. They want its product to help consumer go green and be part of a circular economy.


Greenzy’s approach prioritizes easy repairability and local sourcing, utilizing materials mainly from Belgium, while also ensuring recyclability and offering a premium take-back program at end of life, all within a product thoughtfully designed for simple repairs using available spare parts.


Greenzy is designed for and with its customers. They build a product that doesn't require additives or regular parts changes, so that you are not shackled by continuous purchases.

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The one and only one Greenzy’s composter.

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Greenzy offers an exclusive 10% discount* to Engaged, Ecopreneurs and Conscious Expert members.
Greenzy offers an exclusive 5% discount* to Enthusiasts members.

*on their first order.