Specialty coffee, sustainable and traceable to the fields.

The Story.

At the heart of Kunoza lies a story of innovation, inclusion, and impact. Founded by the visionary Gilles Bazambanza, a Rwandan-Belgian citizen with deep roots in both the banking and IT/risk management sectors, Kunoza is the culmination of 15 years of professional experience, a rich network spanning Europe and Africa, and a passion for sustainable development. Gilles’s dual heritage infuses Kunoza with unique insights, connecting European and African narratives in a compelling tapestry of change.

Confronted with the stark realities of climate change, low income, and challenging living conditions, African coffee farmers’ livelihoods often hang in the balance. Kunoza addresses these issues head-on by providing coffee producers with direct access to European market, and European consumers with high-quality, sustainable, and fully traceable coffee. This platform not only ensures fair revenues for farmers but also opens doors for impact investing and decarbonation efforts by companies and organizations.

With an ambitious target to double farmers’ incomes in three years, Kunoza leverages digitalization and data management to guarantee product traceability to the end buyer.

Kunoza’s commitment to sustainable production support includes farmer onboarding, capacity building, and the promotion of climate-smart agricultural practices.

Sench celebrates Kunoza’s ethos, recognizing that impactful change stems from unified efforts among businesses and citizens. By endorsing Kunoza, Sench amplifies a shared belief in the power of collaborative-driven solutions. Through the narrative of Kunoza, Sench invites the world to witness and partake in the symphony of progress that resonates with the harmony of sustainability and prosperity.

Why we love

Innovative & Catalytic

Covering and digitizing the entire coffee value chain.

Diverse & Inclusive

A blend of skills and culture from Rwanda and Europe.

Scalable & Replicable

Potential for application to various agricultural sectors across Africa.

Our Favorites

Our team meticulously curated a collection of their most beloved pieces from Kunoza.

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