Planting trees in Belgium is good for climate and biodiversity.

The Story.

Introducing the visionary trio leading PlantC: Aricia, Lucas, and Romain. Drawing on their respective backgrounds in biology, bioengineering, and geography specialized in territorial development, they have pooled their skills and networks to cultivate planting endeavors across Belgium. This dynamic collaboration emerges from a shared zeal for confronting the challenges posed by climate change and championing biodiversity conservation.

Why plant on the other side of the world when action can be taken here? Planting trees in Belgium bestows benefits upon both climate and biodiversity. 

PlantC capitalizes on an extensive network of committed farmers and stakeholders, offering distinctive local action avenues for businesses and individuals alike. From hedges and orchards to reforestation and agroforestry, PlantC empowers action on multiple fronts: carbon sequestration, biodiversity enhancement, soil and water conservation – all within our local landscape.

Companies can engage in long term or one-shot partnerships through specific plantation projects and receiving participation certificates and project updates, aligning with objectives such as carbon sequestration, biodiversity enhancement, and flood control. Tailored strategies on one’s own land are also within reach. Individuals can also make these financial contributions to specific plantation projects.

Amid biodiversity decline and escalating climate change due to human consumption, the urgency to reshape our relationship with nature becomes paramount – right here, right now.

PlantC’s mission is to fortify biodiversity, equip territories to combat climate change while minimizing its impact, all through a partnership-driven approach that places humans at the core.

At Sench, we echo PlantC’s belief that impactful change is possible when businesses, governments, and citizens unite. We wholeheartedly endorse PlantC’s vision to extend its influence beyond Belgium, fostering growth while remaining grounded in original values and partnerships.

Why we love


PlantC supports biodiversity through habitat and ecological corridors creation. They contribute to carbon sequestration via photosynthesis.


PlantC aids in territorial adaptation by mitigating risks like soil erosion, cold winds on crops, and providing shade or alternative food resources for livestock.

Biosourced economy

PlantC promotes a biosourced economy where humans and nature collaborate synergistically.

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