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Live adventures that respect both people and planet, today and tomorrow.

The Story.

Sench is delighted to spotlight Railtrip.travel, a beacon of sustainable travel and heartfelt adventure. Rooted in the profound passion of its founders for rail travel, Railtrip.travel stands as a testament to the beauty of slow travel and the deep connections it nurtures. It’s not just about the destination but the journey — one that respects our environment and draws us closer to the landscapes and cultures of Europe.

At the forefront of Railtrip.travel are the seasoned adventurers, Estelle and Fabian, whose collective years of traversing the globe have culminated in this venture. It’s their stories, their experiences, and their passion for eco-conscious travel that form the foundation of Railtrip.travel. They represent the spirit of adventure that Sench embodies and the future we strive towards — one where travel is sustainable, enriching, and accessible to all. 

Together, Estelle and Fabian have not just created a travel agency; they have forged a portal to experiences that prioritize the health of our planet and the joy of our spirits. Railtrip.travel is more than a service; it’s a movement towards mindful exploration, where every train ride is a step towards preserving the world we adore. 

Sench celebrates the vision of Railtrip.travel and its founders, recognizing their contributions to redefining travel. Their devotion to ecological preservation and the art of travel aligns with our own principles, making them an esteemed member of our collective pursuit of a greener, more connected world.

Why we love

Inventive Itineraries

We love Railtrip.travel's innovative approach to curating European rail journeys that capture the essence of adventure and discovery.

Eco-Conscious Journeys

Their dedication to sustainable travel practices makes Railtrip.travel a perfect ally in our quest for environmental responsibility.

Personalized Experiences

The bespoke journeys crafted by Estelle and Fabian are a testament to their attention to detail and their desire to cater to each traveler’s unique preferences.

Our Favorites

Our team has chosen Railtrip’s favorite trip: Norway

Members' benefits

Railtrip offers the advantage of an upgrade on transport or accommodation depending on the stay.