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The Conscious Community that brings Responsible Citizens and Ecopreneurs together.

Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are committed to making a positive impact by consuming more consciously and supporting local ecopreneurs.

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We are a forward-thinking Collaborative Community

A Community of eco-conscious citizens & ecopreneurs working together to build a more sustainable and equitable world through conscious consumption & business practices.

We do more than networking, we promote slow consumption, support local sustainable brands and reward good deeds.

Ecopreneurs we support.​

Discover daring stories, support talented ecopreneurs and spot unmissable brands with strong values, innovative production methods and high quality products.

Cultivate conscious consumption & make a local impact.

Sench’s ecosystem nurtures consciousness, supports ecopreneurship and promotes good products & services.


Embark on a conscious journey: discover unique dining events, eco trips, and be inspired by eco-conscious projects.


Cultivate your consciousness : network, meet inspiring ecopreneurs. Learn best practices from experts.

Workshops & Trainings

Unleash your creativity and be empowered : craft unique sustainable pieces, and delve into the world of circularity.


Progressively change your consumption behaviors, become an ambassador for the brands you love, and be rewarded for your positive actions.

Together, we can make a big impact

Transform your consumption habits, cultivate consciousness, support eco-friendly entrepreneurship & enjoy exclusive benefits from local sustainable brands.

Are you an ecopreneur or a professional with expertise that can contribute to sustainable initiatives?

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Our supporters

For them as well, sustainability is a long journey. We share the same belief that it goes beyond being a moral obligation; it is a strategic imperative for businesses to prosper in the long run.